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Vietnamese Terra-cotta Clay

Made in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, these pots are an incredible value when compared to their Italian counterparts.  Known for their white-washed Terra-cotta color, we carry many different styles, from classical to modern.  They can withstand many seasons outdoors and naturally patina over time.

Bullet Pot

9.9W x 8.7H $19.98 12.2W x 10.6H $29.98 15.4W x 12.6H $39.98 19.3W x 16.5H $69.98 24W x 20.1H $149.98

Coconut Flower Pot

8.5W x 9.75H $14.98 12.75W x 12.5H $29.98 20.75W x 19.75H $79.98 27.75W x 27.25H $199.98

Rick Pot

10W x 15H $29.98 13.5W x 18.5H $59.98 19W x 24H $149.98

Tall Palmero

10W x 12H $29.98 16.5W x 16.9H $39.98 20.5W x 22.1H $89.98 25.6W x 27.6H $199.98

Camilla Curved

11W x 15H $29.98 14W x 21H $69.98 18W x 25H $149.98

Vaso Italiano

12.25W x 12.5H $29.98 16.5W x 16.25H $49.98 21W x 18.25H $79.98 25.75W x 20.75H $179.98

Coconut Flower Pot (Plain)

8.5W x 9.75H $14.98 12.75W x 12.5H $29.98 20.75W x 19.75H $79.98 27.75W x 27.25H $199.98

4-Cup Strawberry Pot

15.5W x 11.5H $39.98

Rose Bowl

8W x 5H $14.98 10.5 W x 7.5H $24.98 15W x 10H $49.98 19.5 W x 12H $89.98

Wavy Top

15W x 12.5H $34.98 19.5W x 16H $69.98 25W x 19.5H $149.98

Square with Knob

9W x 8H $14.98 12W x 10.5H $29.98 17W x 15H $59.98

Leaf Stamp Round

10W x 9H $12.98 13W x 11H $24.98 17W x 13H $39.98

Flared Square with Lip

11W x 10.5H $19.98 15Wx 16H $34.98 19W x 19.5H $69.98

Flared Square with Thick Rim

8W x 9.5H $12.98 13W x 14H $24.98 15.5W x 18.5H $59.98

Flared Square with Legs

12W x 12.5 H $29.98 16W x 17H $49.98

Rounded Square with Lip

8.5W x 7H $12.98 11W x 9.5H $19.98 15W x 14H $39.98

Flared Square with Thick Rim v2

7.5W x 7.5H $12.98 11.5W x 10H $19.98 15.5W x 12.5H $39.98

Square with Pine Trees

13W x 9H $29.98 17W x 12H $59.98

Tall Round with Slanted Top

18W x 35H $149.98

Rectangle with Pine Trees

17W x 8D x 7H $24.98 22.5W x 11.5D x 9H $59.98

Square with Leaf

9W x 8.5H $14.98 12W x 11H $29.98 16W x 13H $49.98

Round with Thick Rim

12W x 13H $24.98 14W x 16H $34.98 18W x 19H $59.98

Scoop Pot

12.5W x 15.5H $29.98 17W x 21H $59.98 21W x 24.5H $109.98

Scallop Pot

8W x 9H $12.98 11.5W x 11.5H $24.98 15W x 15W $34.98 20W x 20H $69.98 25.5W x 24.5H $149.98

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