Vietnamese Glazed Ceramic

Handmade in the Binh Duong Province of Vietnam, these pots are known for their durability and thick, beautiful glazes. They have very thick walls and are high-fired, which make them the perfect pot for a lifetime outdoors.  They will never lose their color or finish and can withstand extreme temperatures. We carry pieces up to 42 inches in height, and 30 inches in diameter.  With very uniform glazes, it is easy to find matching sets.  

Rolled Rim

11.5W x 11H WAS $12.98 NOW $10.38 15.5W x 13.5H WAS $24.98 NOW $19.98 20W x 16H $49.98 24.5W x 20H $139.98

352 Pot

12.5W x 10H WAS $12.98 NOW $10.38 15W x 12H WAS $24.98 NOW $19.98 19W x 16.5H $49.98 24W x 19.5H $139.98

Wreath Urn

12W x 13.5H $39.98 19.5W x 21H $129.98 27W x 30.5H $299.98

Wavy Ice Square

11W x 12H $24.98 15W x 17H $49.98 19.5W x 22.5H $139.98

Wavy Ice Round

12W x 14H $29.98 16W x 18.5H $49.98 21W x 23H $139.98

XL Tall Round Ribbed

8.25W x 20H $29.98 11.25W x 27H $79.98 15.5W x 34.5H $179.98

XL Tall Round

17.5W x 35H $179.98

Tall Round Ribbed

11.25W x 14.5H $24.98 14.5W x 18H $39.98 17.5W x 23.5H $139.98

XL Dimpled Water Jar

30.5W x 35H $399.98

Large Dimpled Water Jar

19W x 32.5H $299.98

Medium Dimpled Water Jar

15.5W x 26.5H $179.98

Tall Round

11.25W x 14.5H $24.98 14.5W x 18H $39.98 17.5W x 23.5H $139.98

Coin Pot

9.5W x 9.5H $9.98 13.25W x 13.75H $34.98 17.5W x 16.5H $49.98 22W x 20.5H $149.98

Short Camilla Curved

9W x 9H $12.98 13W x 12.5H $29.98 17.25W x 15.75H $69.98

Belly Pot with Lip

8W x 6.5H $9.98 11W x 9.5H $19.98 15W x 12.5H $29.98

Flared Pot

10W x 9.5H $24.98 13W x 12.5H $34.98 16.5W x 16.5H $49.98 21W x 19H $89.98

Rick Pot

9,25W x 14H $24.98 12.5W x 17.25H $39.98 17W x 20.5H $89.98

Vertical Ribbed Water Jar

22.5W x 30H $179.98

Horizontal Ribbed Water Jar

22.5W x 30.5H $199.98

Large Monkey Jar

22W x 30H $199.98

Medium Monkey Jar

18W x 23H $89.98

Water Jar (with Leaves)

19W x 18.5H $89.98 22W x 24H $179.98 27W x 30H $299.98

Water Jar (without Leaves)

27W x 30H $299.98

Wavy Ice Jumbo Camilla

16.5W x 36H $199.98

Ribbed Jumbo Camilla

16.5W x 36H $199.98

Smooth Jumbo Camilla

16.5W x 36H $179.98

Mediterranean Vase

18W x 42H $199.98

French Urn

23.5W x 29H $149.98

Glaze Colors