Chinese Glazed Ceramic Drip Pots

These pots are made with light-colored clay which maximizes the brillance of their glazes.  With the different colors dripping into each other, every pot is truly unique.

Camilla Curved

8.75W x 10H $12.98 9.5W x 12H $24.98 12W x 15.25H $34.98 16W x 19.5H $79.98

Tall Round

12W x 16H $29.98 15.75W x 20H $59.98 20W x 22.5H $109.98

Tall Garden

9.5W x 10H $12.98 15.5W x 15W $34.98 19W x 19H $79.98 22.5W x 22H $109.98

Vase Pot

7W x 9.5H $12.98 9.25W x 13H $24.98 12W x 17.5H $39.98 16.5W x 21.5H $99.98

Available Colors