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We carry a number of items to complement your plant and pottery purchase, including a wide range of amendments and soils from E.B. Stone, Ollas, plant stands, landscape nursery supplies, as well as our popular buckets of pottery chips.


Helps two people easily carry heavy pottery. $49.99 each

Wood Pot Stand

11W x 12H (Fits up pot to 10W) $14.98 15.5W x 16H (Fits pot up to 12W) $19.98 19.25W x 19.75H (Fits pot up to 15W) $24.98

ON SALE NOW $11.99 (reg. $14.99) for each 2 cubic foot bag

Assorted E.B. Stone Amendments

Natural Drip Irrigation Bury Olla in soil up to its neck and fill with water periodically; It will provide irrigation to surrounding plants. 15H x 12W $14.98 each (includes 6 inch cap)


15H x 12W $9.97 each (includes 6 inch cap)

Small Pot Stand

23W x 10H $29.98 (17 inch diameter ring)

Medium Pot Stand

26W x 13H $34.98 (21 inch diameter ring)

Tall Pot Stand

21W x 30H $39.98 (14.5 inch diameter ring)

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