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Made from fiberglass and cement, these pots have the look of concrete but are actually our lightest in weight.  With crisp clean lines and modern shapes, they are the perfect accent to contemporary and urban decor.

Low Belly Pot

13W x 10.25H $29.98 18W x 13H $49.98 22W x 15.5H $129.98

Tall Round

10W x 12.5H $39.98 12.25W x 15.5H $49.98 14.25W x 19H $89.98

Bordeaux Pot

8W x 7H $19.98 12.5W x 9.25H $39.98 17W x 13H $69.98

Tall Square

10W x 12H $34.98 12W x 15.5H $59.98 14W x 18H $99.98 16.5W x 20.5H $139.98

Camilla Curve

11W x 16H $39.98 14W x 20H $69.98 18W x 24H $139.98

Tall Rectangle Planter

10D x 24.5H x 24W $139.98 12.5D x 28H x 28W $199.98 14.5D x 37.5H x 32W $299.98

Rectangle Planter

12D x 11.75H x 23.75W $99.98 15.5D x 15.5H x 31.5W $149.98 17.5D x 18H x 39.5W $249.98 22D x 22H x 48.5W $349.98

Tall Round Vertical Ribbed

11.2W x 21.75H $99.98 13.5W x 28H $149.98 17W x 29.75H $249.98

Square cube

9W x 8H $24.98 11W x 10H $34.98 14W x 12.5H $49.98 17W x 16H $109.98 20.5W x 19H $179.98 25W x 25H $299.98 28.5W x 27.5H $399.98

Ribbed Tall Square

11W x 21.75H $99.98 13.75W x 25.75H 149.98 16W x 30.25H $199.98

Low Tapered Square

14.5W x 5.5H $29.98 18W x 7H $59.98 22W x 8H $109.98

Bullet Pot

8W x 8H $14.98 11W x 11H $24.98 14W x 14H $34.98 17.5W x 17H $69.98

Available Colors
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