Malaysian Glazed Ceramic

These pots are some of our most refined, and the glazes are very consistent and smooth. They look great as a complement to both indoor and outdoor decor. Great for purchasing multiple items in matching colors.  Available in many different colors.

French Low Bowl

9W x 4H $7.98 12W x 5H $12.98 15W x 7H $19.98 18W x 8.5H $29.98

Traditional Low Bowl

10.25W x 5.5H $12.98 14.5W x 6.5H $19.98 18.5W x 8H $29.98

New Siamese

7W x 6H $4.98 9W x 8H $7.98 12W x 10H $14.98 14.5W x 12H $24.98 18.5W x 15H $39.98 22W x 17.5H $79.98

Available Colors