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Valley Tropicals, Inc. was started by Chris and Cynthia Allen in San Jose, California in 1981. Started as a small operation, it became a leading supplier of houseplants and pottery to many major retailers such as Costco Wholesale and The Home Depot.  Chris Allen Jr. joined the family business in 1999, and is now a co-owner and the company's president.

In 2005, we opened a retail store to sell our products directly to the public, and named it "Plant and Pottery Outlet". Having our own store has opened up a world of possibilities. We have greatly expanded the sizes and varieties of pottery we stock, and have further developed a network of local growers to provide excellent quality plants of all types.


Fair Prices, Huge Selection. 


We work directly with growers and factories to supply plants and pottery at prices below the big box stores. Our goal is to provide high quality items at the lowest cost possible. 


Even more discounts...


Check out our Pottery Deals section for big discounts off surplus items. 


Don't mind a chip or a crack? Don't miss our "Pottery Graveyard" for discounts off damaged pottery.  


Our shop-worn plant section has incredible deals on houseplants that need a little extra TLC.

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