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Mexican Handpainted Clay

Handmade in Tecate, Mexico, this line of pottery is one of our best sellers.  Available in many different shapes, sizes and colors. With bold handpainted colors, they make the perfect accent pot. 

Armadillo Lantern

19W x 12H x 11D $39.98

Rectangle Planter

10W x 8H x 8D $19.98

Toad Lantern

16W x 14H x 16D $39.98

Turtle Lantern

21W x 14H x 11D $39.98

Owl Lantern

13W x 15H x 11D $29.98

Oval Planter

26W x 13 x 11D $49.98

Fish Planter

12W x 21H x 16D $39.98

Pebble Pot

17W x 18H $39.98

Sideways Pot

11W x 10.5H $12.98 15W x 13H $14.98 18W x 17H $34.98

Jarron with Metal Stand

21W x 36H $149.98

Molcajete Pot

14.5W x 9.5H $14.98 20W x 10.5H $24.98

Jarron Grande with handles

22.5W x 45H $149.98

Frog Planter

19W x 16D x 18H $39.98


12W x 14H $19.98 14W x 18H $29.98 16W x 20H $39.98



Pig Planter

20W x 12D x 11H $39.98

Flame Pot

13W x 9H $9.97 15W x 11.75H $14.97 17W x 13.75H $21.97 22W x 20.5H $29.97 25W x 23H $69.98

Olla Huevo

23W x 26H $69.98

Roman Jar

17W x 35H $89.98 22.5W x 45H $149.98

Gipsy Pot

24W x 22H $69.98

Egyptian Jar with Lines

22.5W x 36.5H $89.98

Trompeta Jar

15W x 36H $89.98

Small Sunface with Metal

16W x 16H $19.99

Rooster Planter

23W x 16D x 19H $39.98

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