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Indoor / Small Pottery

Made with highly refined clay, these are our smallest and most delicate pots. With brilliant glossy finishes, they make the perfect gift or accent to your own home. 

Rectangle Planter

4W x 5D x 3H $3.98 6.5W x 5.25D x 4H $7.98

Baby Bullet Pot

3W x 2.5H $2.98 5.25W x 4H $4.98

Flared Square

7W x 6H $12.98 8W x 7H $19.98

Cylinder Pot (includes saucer)

5W x 5H $9.98 6.5W x 6.75H $14.98 8.5W x 8.5H $24.98

Low Garden Pot

6W x 4H $4.98 (Saucer $2.98) 9W x 5.5H $7.98 (Saucer $3.98) 10.5W x 7.5H $12.98 (Saucer $4.98)

Low Bowl

5.75W x 1.75H $2.98 7W x 2H $4.98 9.5W x 2.25H $7.98

Flared Round with Lip (Includes Saucer)

7.25W x 6H $12.98

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