Chinese Glazed Ceramic

This durable ceramic pottery has been glazed and high fired, so it will last a lifetime.  These pots are highly refined, and the glazes are very uniform. Great for purchasing multiple items in matching colors.  Available in many different colors and finishes, this is our top-selling line of pottery. 

Low Bowl

12W x 4.75H $19.98 16W x 6H $29.98 19.5W x 7.5H $49.98

Flared Square with Lip

11.25W x 14H $29.98 15.5W x 19H $59.98 21.5W x 26.5H $199.98

Dragon Pot

20W x 14H $49.98 24.5W x 16H $89.98 29W x 19H $199.98

Rectangle Planter

13W x 4.5H x 5D $14.98 7W x 7H x 6.5D $29.98 20.5W x 10.25H x 9.5D $59.98

XXL Egg Pot

15W x 15.5H $49.98 19.5W x 20H $139.98 26W x 26H $249.98

Rolled Rim

11W x 9H $12.98 14W x 11H $19.98 18.5W x 14H $39.98 24W x 19H $89.98

Tall Vase

7.5W x 9H $12.98 10.5W x 13H $24.98 14W x 18H $39.98 19W x 20H $89.98

XL Tall Egg

10W x 19.75H $29.98 12W x 27H $89.98 15W x 32H $179.98

Tall Garden Pot

9.5W x 10H 15.5W x 15H 19W x 19H 22.5W x 22H

XL Tall Round

8W x 14.25H $19.98 11.5W x 20H $34.98 15.5W x 26H $89.98

Camilla Curve

7.5W x 8.5H $9.98 7.5W x 10H $14.98 10W x 11H $19.98 12W x 12H $29.98 12W x 15H $34.98 15.5W x 20H $59.98 20W x 23H $109.98

Tall Camilla Curve

10W x 20H $34.98 13W x 25H $89.98 17W x 30H $149.98

Camilla Straight

7W x 14.75H $19.98 9.5W x 21H $34.98 12.5W x 26.5H $99.98

Wreath Urn

8W x 9.5H $12.98 10.5W x 13H $24.98 14.5W x 16H $39.98 21W x 24H $129.98

Tall Round

11.5W x 14H $24.98 15.5W x 19H $39.98 20W x 22H $89.98

Tall Round

8.5W x 9H $12.98 11W x 12.5H $19.98 11.5W x 14H $24.98 13.5W x 16H $34.98 15.5W x 19H $39.98 17.5W x 21H $69.98 20W x 22H $89.98 21.5W x 25H $109.98

Rick Pot

13W x 10.5H $24.98 16W x 14H $39.98 20W x 18.5H $89.98

Bird Bath

18.5W x 22.5H $79.98

XXL Camilla Straight
Available Colors
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Fire Engine Red
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Gloss Black
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Crackle Turquoise
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Crackle Green
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Gloss White
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Iron Red
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Tropical Red
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Silver Pearl
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Moss Green
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Grass Green
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Earthen Brown
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